Low carbon economy

Our mission is to combat global warming and work towards a low-carbon economy.

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges of modern times. Human-made GHG emissions from fossil fuels have escalated to enormous levels.

Our aim is to provide businesses and individuals accessible information on how to reduce their emissions and mitigate their impact on the environment.

Carbonica aims to be a credible partner of businesses to provide a carbon reduction and management strategy by measuring, reducing, offsetting and communicating emissions reductions to customers. A good carbon strategy is not only good for the environment, it is good for business. We work closely with our clients to implement a long-term effective carbon management strategy.

We promote offsetting as a key to a low-carbon economy, with transparency and using only the highest quality offsets validated by internationally recognised standards, such as VCS, Gold Standard, CarbonFix, Plan Vivo and CDM/JI.

It is fundamental that offsets are validated, verified and listed in internationally recognised registries in order to achieve the highest standards and credibility for all stakeholders.

We aim to promote projects that provide social and environmental benefits, create jobs and development in the local communities and entail a net transfer of wealth to deprived areas.

Our in-house projects with our NGO partners are forestry based and we also generate VERs in renewable energies, methane capture, and we source CERs for the compliance sector from the primary market, from hydroelectric and wind energy projects.

We believe that carbon trading and carbon offsets can play a role in funding clean energy projects in developing countries and in preventing deforestation and restoring destroyed rainforests, so we aim to play a role in both the voluntary and compliance markets.

Carbonica is a member of the Carbon Trading Exchange (CTX) and in the compliance sector we trade through our brokers on Bluenext and ICE ECX.

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Dismay at EU inaction to resuscitate the carbon markets

In the past year the price of carbon credits has tumbled to unprecedented low levels, making it uneconomical for project originators to fund new clean energy projects, given particularly in small-scale projects the cost of verification and issuance of carbon credits can exceed the sale price.

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