We offer a customised service for clients subject to the EU ETS and other emission trading systems to meet their emissions compliance requirements. Our carbon traders follow closely developments in the markets as well as changes in legislation and regulations to facilitate the most efficient management of the client’s carbon portfolio.

Carbonica is a partner of a strong network of analysts, brokers and market service providers, with a direct access to all global carbon markets. Our service is comprehensive integrating a full strategic consulting and trading service in both the voluntary and compliance markets.

Carbonica will:

  1. Buy and sell your emissions allowances
  2. Offer direct access to the key compliance and voluntary carbon markets
  3. Plan an strategic solution for your trading and hedging requirements and manage your carbon assets efficiently
  4. Advice on your compliance requirements under the trading system
  5. Plan a long-term portfolio and carbon asset management strategy


General enquiries:  carbondesk@carbonica.org

Compliance buyers:

Voluntary market clients:  Alex Grosvenor   alex@carbonica.org

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Dismay at EU inaction to resuscitate the carbon markets

In the past year the price of carbon credits has tumbled to unprecedented low levels, making it uneconomical for project originators to fund new clean energy projects, given particularly in small-scale projects the cost of verification and issuance of carbon credits can exceed the sale price.

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