We offer a customised service for clients subject to the EU ETS and other emission trading systems to meet their emissions compliance requirements. Our carbon traders follow closely developments in the markets as well as changes in legislation and regulations to facilitate the most efficient management of the client’s carbon portfolio.

Carbonica is a partner of a strong network of analysts, brokers and market service providers, with a direct access to all global carbon markets. Our service is comprehensive integrating a full strategic consulting and trading service in both the voluntary and compliance markets.

Carbonica will:

  1. Buy and sell your emissions allowances
  2. Offer direct access to the key compliance and voluntary carbon markets
  3. Plan an strategic solution for your trading and hedging requirements and manage your carbon assets efficiently
  4. Advice on your compliance requirements under the trading system
  5. Plan a long-term portfolio and carbon asset management strategy


General enquiries:  carbondesk@carbonica.org

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Voluntary market clients:  Alex Grosvenor   alex@carbonica.org

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German Chancellor's call for reform of ETS is relevant and timely

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has demonstrated to be inherently flawed and over the years has not delivered the desired results to create a framework to reduce emissions in real terms. The surplus of CO2 certificates and low prices mean the motivation to implement emission reduction strategies is no longer there for the largest emitters, and in some cases utilities have increased their emissions even though their operations have been reduced as a cause of the economic downturn.

latest news
Innovation Needed To Provide Zero-Carbon Destination For Gas

Use of abundant natural gas across the globe will not “discernably reduce fossil fuel CO2 emissions,” concludes a new research letter in Nature, as increased use of natural gas can displace coal and zero-carbon sources like nuclear and solar. 
Merkel says Europe must reform emissions trading scheme quickly

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that Europe must agree quickly on a reform of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and as part of that, surplus CO2 certificates must be reduced.
Global CO2 pricing scheme surfaces ahead of 2015 climate summit

A team of scholars at Paris Dauphine University has proposed an international carbon trading system, whereby countries with the highest average CO2 emissions pay the most. A simple, yet ambitious scheme that hinges upon cooperation from the world's largest emitter, China.
South Korea to test carbon trading market ahead of launch

South Korea's securities exchange says it will test the country’s new emission trading market next ahead of its planned 2015 launch. - See more at: http://www.ftseglobalmarkets.com/news/south-korea-to-test-carbon-trading-market-ahead-of-launch.html#sthash.fRaBlm2N.dpuf