Carbonica works with leading companies in the UK and US providing a range of services from B2B carbon offset sales to carbon accounting and footprinting, consultancy and strategic carbon management services. We aim to provide strategic and comprehensive solutions that our carbon experts customise to suit your company and your business model.

In the United Kingdom, we work closely with a number of clients to facilitate compliance with the CRC requirement, providing exclusive use of software for the client to implement an accurate carbon accounting and emissions reductions strategy year on year.


Carbon footprinting or in other words quantifying GHG emissions is the first stage (assessment phase) of the carbon management strategy. We follow precise guidelines set out by the Carbon Trust and the British Institute of Standards to carry out the carbon audit accurately and according to recognised widely accepted benchmarks.


A carbon management strategy defines processes to achieve emission cut targets optimising operational mechanisms, ensuring that the company’s business objectives are met as well as the environmental targets. Carbonica provides a hands-on approach to plan a pro-active carbon management strategy that is adapted to optimise your environmental impact.


The carbon strategy plan will set out GHG emission reduction targets based on the carbon audit. Carbonica will help plan an effective management timetable to identify areas where energy efficiency and operational changes will reduce emissions. We provide support to companies to obtain the Carbon Trust Standard, to demonstrate real emission reductions backed by a reputable assessment protocol.


Unavoidable emissions can be offset to achieve an immediate reduction of emissions. Carbonica will identify and select a high-quality customised portfolio to suit the client’s needs by type of project, project technology, vintage, volume and voluntary or compliance requirement, and price range. Our aim is to source or originate carbon credits of the highest standards to suit the strategic goals in the management of the client’s carbon portfolio.


Carbonica provides support to communicate with your customers and engage with them sharing your commitment to reduce emissions and minimise your company’s environmental impact. Our aim is to manage a carbon strategy that will achieve measurable goals that can be backed by recognised accreditations such as the Carbon Trust Standard and BSI carbon labels.


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German Chancellor's call for reform of ETS is relevant and timely

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has demonstrated to be inherently flawed and over the years has not delivered the desired results to create a framework to reduce emissions in real terms. The surplus of CO2 certificates and low prices mean the motivation to implement emission reduction strategies is no longer there for the largest emitters, and in some cases utilities have increased their emissions even though their operations have been reduced as a cause of the economic downturn.

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