Ethical business

We strongly believe in ethical business, with respect and preservation of humans, animals and the environment.

There are plenty of businesses that show it is possible to achieve success on a foundation of fair labour conditions and environmental credentials. Companies that operate with a high carbon footprint (and ecological footprint) undermine the effort to achieve sustainability in our relationship with the environment.

Businesses should be proactive in reversing climate change. The economic potential of corporations to fund carbon capture via reforestation programmes is so much greater than that of individuals that the key to success is in their playing a leading role.

The general principles of capitalism can accommodate our urgent need to address climate change. It is in the interest of a company’s shareholders to reverse climate change. It is no good to receive dividends if we have no planet to live on. Ethical business and offsetting on a large scale is good for businesses, it is an investment in creating a sustainable future.

We do not believe in a carbon tax. It has no environmental benefits unless it is used exclusively to fund carbon capture. It is more pragmatic to incentivise companies to become zero footprint, or even to super-offset their emissions, in order to participate in reversing climate change. Ultimately a sustainable future will be one where all business is ethical and zero footprint.

Governments can play an active role in bringing about these changes by redefining what is expected from business.

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German Chancellor's call for reform of ETS is relevant and timely

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has demonstrated to be inherently flawed and over the years has not delivered the desired results to create a framework to reduce emissions in real terms. The surplus of CO2 certificates and low prices mean the motivation to implement emission reduction strategies is no longer there for the largest emitters, and in some cases utilities have increased their emissions even though their operations have been reduced as a cause of the economic downturn.

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