Carbonica is a leading carbon offset provider for businesses.

We originate the best projects to help you lower your emissions through credible and registered carbon offsets, following internationally recognized standards such as the Gold Standard, VCS and CCB.

Individuals can purchase carbon offsets via our Carbon Footprint Calculator.*

Businesses are urged to contact us for a customized solution. We are able to offer a carbon audit, carbon neutrality certification and customize your carbon offsets to suit your preferences, so you don’t need to purchase through the website.

*Our Carbon Calculator is free to use – no login or purchase is necessary. Individuals or businesses purchasing via the calculator will be allocated a mix selection of carbon offsets from our portfolio. If you have specific preferences please contact us.


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Lower the GHG emissions of your business with Verified Emission Reductions (VER)

- You choose your offset: forestry, hydro, wind, solar, gas capture projects.

- High quality products certified by Gold Standard, VCS and CCB

- Registered at Markit’s Environmental Registry and visible online under your business name for complete transparency and disclosure.


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Certificate image

Your business will cement its environmental credentials and increase sales by being certified carbon neutral.

We issue the British Standards Institute’s PAS 2060, the only recognized benchmark of carbon neutrality in the world.

Be a step ahead of your competitors and certify your business carbon neutral!


We can manage your carbon emissions plan via:

- Carbon audit

- Setting out an annual GHG emissions reductions and energy efficiency target

- Carbon disclosure and reporting for your CSR in the company Annual Report

- CRC reporting and compliance with the Environment Agency for large companies (UK only)

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- Brokerage service for VERs and CERs for traders

- Order execution service for private clients who wish to invest in carbon portfolios

- Private client service through our partner hedge fund

- Direct access to carbon markets for compliance customers

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German Chancellor's call for reform of ETS is relevant and timely

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has demonstrated to be inherently flawed and over the years has not delivered the desired results to create a framework to reduce emissions in real terms. The surplus of CO2 certificates and low prices mean the motivation to implement emission reduction strategies is no longer there for the largest emitters, and in some cases utilities have increased their emissions even though their operations have been reduced as a cause of the economic downturn.

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